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AMEX MANOUKIAN is a family company leader in the screen printing market.
The Manoukian family has more than 50 years of experience in the screen printing field.
The passion for photoemulsion and screen printing inks involves three generations.


AMEX MANOUKIAN is a medium size, internationally oriented company established in ITALY.
AMEX MANOUKIAN is one of the leading manufacturers of chemical products for stencil making and screen printing for more than 35 years.
Our management and company structure is simple and efficient.
With speed and flexibility, AMEX MANOUKIAN can offer its experience in developing new solutions, to keep pace with rapid modernization, taking care of quality and respecting the environment.
In all aspects of the business, AMEX MANOUKIAN employees are actively engaged in supporting customers and distributors.
We are constantly on the look out for new innovations and travel extensivly to be able to offer solutions from all corners of the world.
Thanks to the open dialogue with our partners we can understand every market requirements and accordingly propose new products and ideas.


AMEX MANOUKIAN chemical research department uses advanced technologies and high quality raw materials, keeping focused on respecting the environment.
Every product is manufactured in ITALY.
Our highly skilled staff always look forward, proactively developing creative products and service solutions for improved productivity and profitability for our customers.
Every day we work with passion and knowledge to create new colours and unique products.
With careful study, research and testing we can offer products with the best performance in class.

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